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As Peter Drucker said- “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer”, so do we believe in at iTronics Technologies!

Years of experience infused with the age-old principles and modern technology, make iTronics the premier alternative for any business that deliberately seeks CRM solutions. Build strong customer relationships and increase loyalty as you opt for our customized, refined and well-executed CRM and ERP solutions.

iTronics- Empowering robust technologies for emerging enterprises

At iTronics, our team of experts can analyze your business needs, go through your prevailing practices and propose a futuristic solution that integrates with various platforms to make your CRM and ERP perfect!

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology that is used for managing all your company’s interactions and relationships with your acquired and potential customers. A well-designed CRM system is necessary to aid companies in staying connected with the customers, streamline processes and improve profitability.

CRM solutions are a blend of processes, software and business strategies that help to build long-term relationships between enterprises and their clientele. So in a nutshell, you can say that through CRM, businesses of all size develop, retain and acquire customers along with bringing several benefits for their organizations.

CRM is integral to combat common CRM problems like that of:

Our offerings

We at iTronics, offer you a unified solution that closely integrates with the online channels, mobile applications, offline stores, and various social media platforms to centralize CRM tasks. We can lead you through:

Zoho CRM

If you want to make the flow of information effortlessly seamless within your organization then our Zoho CRM services are the way to go for it.

v Tiger CRM

vTiger CRMStreamline business processes including marketing automation, sales automation, and service automation with vTiger CRM solutions.

Sugar CRM

Channelize your organizational efforts to determine a better way to serve your customers with Sugar CRM.

Salesforce CRM

Do you want your business to integrate with the best marketing automation and CRM programs in the world? Then Salesforce CRM is your one-stop solution.

Suite CRM

Preach faster reach, experience regulated improvements and enhance augmented business operations with Suite CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Indulge in a bewildering range of features to boost productivity. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is extremely fast and reliable to use.

Dynamics of our CRM solutions

At iTronics we believe in being honest with ourselves along with being honest with our clients. For the sake of excellence, the dynamics of our CRM solutions include a myriad of features. Some of these are:

Zoho CRM

If you have to list a CRM system that fuels a worldwide network of more than 150,000 businesses across 180 countries, then that would be Zoho CRM for you. Zoho CRM is a highly rated sales CRM software that can help you to grow your revenue by converting leads and engaging customers. Zoho can act as your one-stop repository to bring your sales, customer support activities, and marketing together. The SaaS-based software system hosts a myriad of perks and some of them are listed below.

Boost sales, get data security and compliance, and enjoy the tactical decision-making process with Zoho CRM. Opt for the top-notch CRM system and arm your team with tools to resolve customer inquiries quickly.

An Overview of ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an integration of all the core processes like finances, HR, supply chain, manufacturing, procurement, services into a single system. Modern ERP systems use processes like Machine learning and AI to provide intelligence, visibility and efficiency across every aspect of the business. Digital assistants can automate the process, and predictive analysis can support real-time decision making.

Through ERP, an organisation can achieve higher productivity, deeper insights, mitigate risk, accelerate reporting and simplify IT. Besides, efficacious ERP systems also facilitate improved agility that gives you ready access to real-time data and you can quickly recognize and respond to new possibilities. 

For unleashing the true potential of your business and make your workforce seamless, we have defined a set of values for our ERP solutions that include:

Our offering

Our ERP suite is built together by combining diverse Enterprise resource planning applications that share a database and talk to each other. We specialize in ODOO ERP that can help you reduce uncertainty, lower costs and improve services for your customers. 


With over 3 million users, ODOO is the most well-known open source ERP software. As an open-source software ODOOO had several advantages that other software lacked. These benefits can be narrowed down to the following points:

Promote co-operation, increase efficiency and make precise predictions with lower production costs, because our ODOO ERP solutions will be there for your rescue. Go for our ERP services and see the difference that you will make in your company’s sales and productivity.


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We pride ovrselves on creating insightful and well considered projects, for each and every customer. If you like what you see and want to talk to us about your project, we’d love to hear from you!

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